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tears for juliet


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tears for juliet

killingtheinnocence.Killing the innocence inside you, what's your reason, child?  You're too young to see the gray, turn around please, child.  He pretends to really love you.  That's your reason to stay?  I look in your eyes, I see them screaming, "help me!"  Lindsey, don't give up your life, hold onto innocence.  Lindsey, he is killing your innocence, killing your innocence, killing the innocence.  Fight for innocence inside you, are you afraid to fight?  Wait for something else to guide you, face the world now, child.  Who will you confide in?  Answers come with time.  Who will you cry on, I'll be your shoulder, child.  Still you're screaming, "help me!"  You're too young to take this on your own.  Lindsey, you're still a child.  You're too weak to fight for all you want.  Lindsey, you're still a child.  Fight back for innocence, he's killing your innocence.  Fight for your innocence, he's killing all your innocence (killing all your innocence), killing all your innocence.  Fight back for innocence, he's killing your innocence.  Killing the innocence, killing the innocence.
whenwilllovefindhope?When everything's dying, when everything's falling, when everything's breaking you're taking too long.  People are crying, loyalty's striving but the mutual ritual's gone.  She won't stop bribing, he won't stop fighting, they won't stop kissing up, "Listen up, now."  Time won't stop flying, you won't stop lying and it hits your heart, "Where do you start?"  When will love find hope?  When everyone's dying, when everyone's hiding, when everyone's on their own, you're left alone.  Where are you leading, are you defeating the jeapordy?  Shepherd me home.  When will love find hope?  Mothers are weeping while children are sleeping but keep it a secret for now.  Someone will find them, someone will save them, and the mutual ritual's lost.
dearestsummer.Kiss the sun goodbye.  It's getting colder tonight and these blankets leave me feeling like I'm all on my own.  Embrace the starlight tonight.  It's taking over your life and this empty room tells me that I'm all on my own.  Dearest, Summer, this is for you.  I'm fearing the only thing I have to face, running from everything taking your place and I don't know your name but please find me.  Everything else has left me so cold and nobody else will open the door.  Summer's dying, can't you see?  Murdered by these autumn leaves.  Kiss the goodbye.  You know your love's a lie.  So she leaves me feeling all on my own.  There's a dead rose in your hand, murdered by Autumn's wind and she leaves me feeling hopeless and cold.  Dearest, Summer, this is for you.  I will break your fall 'cause there's nothing much better than holding you in my arms.  I can feel your kiss, soft lips with love and beautiful bliss... summer's beautiful bliss.
lifeiswhatwemakeittobe.Optimism is the key to love, to hope, to sanity.  Life is all a mystery, this is all a mystery to me.  Fear is all that's blinding me, restoration's bleeding sanity.  Life is what you make it to be.  Unlock the door, fall to the floor suffocating, recreating all you're living for.  Hide now and hold me, tell me your story.  Suffocate, recreate, live for so much more.  Hopeful hearts of scarcity putting me through needless misery.  I'll cry myself to sleep tonight, I don't need to tell you how I feel.  Hate is all that's blinding me, eternity is bleeding sanity.  Life is what you make it to be.  Life is what we make it to be.
areyoubreathing?I'm waiting for confession and I'm under the impression things are not so innocent and pure.  I'm dying for confession and I think I've learned my lesson, this is something I cannot endure.  So let me show you how to breathe without me by your side.  Let me show you how to breathe.  Fall over like you don't know what you're breathing.  Fall harder, let your head hit the floor.  Well no one told me you're not breathing so I'll leave you to yourself.  You say, "Baby, I'm not breathing."  But your words do not impress.  I'm underneath the covers and I'm thinking of the lovers that we used to be until the day we died.  I'm painting pretty pictures in my head, oh how I miss you.  Sleep is not an option, not tonight.  Won't you breathe so I can sleep without your gasping cries.  Let me show you how to breathe.  Well no one told you I'm not breathing?  Don't leave me to myself.  I say, "Baby, I'm not, maybe I'm not, baby I'm not breathing."
thecryofreality.It's okay, I will wait 'cause I know hearts were made to break.  On these nights she recites, "I could never love him like that."  So maybe if I close my eyes now, maybe if I turn the lights down I will dream of love and it will feel so real.  So maybe if I kill the hunger I could stand a little longer.  But don't we starve for what we dream?  I know I'm living in a midsummer night's dream.  The moon is stronger than the sun, love is secrecy it seems.  And everything's the same and I don't feel the pain but dreams are only dreams.  Dreams are only dreams.  Hollow love, empty words hurt me more than hurting should.  Is this why hope should try to find some hope in me?  Dreams are what we hope will be.  Dreams are what we dream to see.  Dreams are why we live to sleep.  Dreams hold all the hope we keep.  This is where we're beautiful.  This is where the pain is dull.  But here is everything I know; dreams are only dreams.
innocentromance.And so I'm lost inside this awkward state of silence.  Exchanging glances but pretending not to notice.  Lost endeavor, lost forever, I will hold my stance.  Keep composure when it's over but tell me there's a chance.  So you're saying there's a chance for innocent romance.  Nothing's ever felt so right.  So you're saying that there's hope this star-crossed love might hold.  No one's ever been so right.  And so we're stuck behind these bars that cage our voices.  And I am too afraid to try and bend the rules.  Clever antics, how romantic, this will never work.  Keep enduring, rest assuring something's bound to work.  So you're saying there's a chance?
thesaintvalentine'sdaymassacre.Beautiful reminders of pretty girls who'd never fall in love, they fell in love.  Faltering remarks about the inauguration of our love. Handsome hopes are fading.  Gorgeous love is breaking.  Adversity's sincerities are pleading so incessantly.  Divinity is gone.  Passion haunts this cursed love.  Valentine, hold your impulse.  Aggression says your temperament is just another lie.  So would you care to die?  Saint Valentine, you're out of line to massacre my heart.  Saint Valentine, you plagiarize then prudently depart.  Poetry's misleading when love is just for reading.  Carved initials stand for literature's more pitiful romance.  But would you care to dance?  Petty crushes, "Do you like me?"  Please say yes.  Then she blushes and she's trying not to laugh.  Can't you make up your mind?  Can't you speak your mind?  It's been a while since I've kissed a girl on the lips, maybe you could refresh me with some tips.  Sweetie, I think I've made up my mind.  Sweetie, won't you be my valentine?
writealloverme.I'm your diary so write all over me.  Clear simplicity; aren't you missing me?  Vacant principles, our rituals were never more than that.  Distant lovers and it figures that you never thought to ask.  This undertone is heard by none, this delivery's discrete.  Clear simplicity; aren't you missing me?  Aren't you missing me?  "Drive me to insanity.  Where is your profanity?  We are the epitome of lovers' lost fatality."  These are your words and I'm your journal so write all over me.  Vacant remedies for necessities of insufficiency.  Insecurities call for vanity, more profanity.
corrupted.Wake up, my love, depart your sacred slumber.  The sun came up and told of innocence lost.  Corrupt, abrupt and no one saw it coming.  Virtue hurt you when you stood alone and love deserted you.  Hope neglected truth.  These are the stories of the broken hearts, of broken hearts.  These are the eulogies of dying love, of dying love.  This is for lover and her failing words that meant to much.  Careful, lover, 'cause your words are etched in stone.  Should I feel so shallow that I wanna break my jaw so words can never penetrate the air that I breathe out?  And if derisive statements from your lips should reach my ears then love cannot subsist inside a soul controlled by fears.  I'm fearing for my life and now I'm fleeing from this kiss 'cause I am so dishonest.  And I'll whisper all my prayers to mirrored walls so it feels like someone's listening.  This silence is default.  Throw your blade in the lake.  Tonight's not your night to fight.  Utter words to the walls and I swear that all your love will die.  Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.  These are the stories of the broken hearts, of  broken hearts.  These are the eulogies of dying love, of dying love.  This is the most this brittle heart has ever seen.  (What can die that never was?)  Believe, believe, believe, believe...
whenibegintodream.I try to stare in your eyes but they're not looking back and I'm afraid.  But would you try to fly if I looked in your eyes and said that "this is love"?  Look up at the stars, the same that she can see, maybe I can dream tonight of love and you and me.  Who can see my dreams?  I'd die to kiss you tonight but you don't seem like you would do the same.  And, baby, it's alright.  I won't push my fight but maybe I'm in love.  Look up at the stars, the same that she can see, maybe I can dream tonight of love and you and me.  And even though you'd never fall in love forever reality is foreign when I begin to dream.  Who can see my dreams?  Juliet, hold my hand, hold my heart, understand this is love, don't leave yet, I'm in love with Juliet.