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tears for juliet


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statement of faith

Since the day I was born I have been introduced to the Christian faith and my story seems like a pretty boring one.  My faith was basically my parents faith and I accepted Christ at a young age, too young to really comprehend the commitment I had made.  I think it's great that children accept Christ at the age of 2 or 5 or whatever it is, but for me there came a point when I had to make the decision on my own with nobody asking the question but me.  I was born and lived in Holland for the first 10 years of my life but my family went through a hard time and my dad found a job in Spring Lake, Michigan which was only about 45 minutes north of my old home.  This was a huge stretch for me and it seems lame to think the most devastating time for me was a 45 minute move away from my home, but it was.  I've never felt so lonely, I've never felt so afraid, so forsaken, but I really learned in that time of first moving here that God was who I needed to rely on for comfort and for companionship.  I really grew close to him in that first year or so of living here.  Not only that but my loneliness brought up a new hobby: music.  I taught myself bass and went on to teach myself guitar all because God placed me in a situation where that was all I could do.  And He has showed me how to use that gift for this amazing opportunity of Tears for Juliet and also for the incredible privelage of worshipping Him and leading others into worship which brings me into another more recent phase of my life.  Mike Morgan led worship at my youth group when I first started going and when I joined the youth band to play bass he really connected with me and took me under his wing.  Eventually he felt that I might have potential to take his place leading worship once he was gone and this scared me at first.  But I really felt God calling me to do this and it's very stressful at times and very busy but it is ALL COMPLETELY worth it.  Worship has become the centerpiece of my life and I feel such a strong passion and calling for it.  I don't know where I'm going next but I do know where I am and that is always a good thing.  Whether this band takes off or another band later on works out or maybe I will end up leading worship at a church, who knows!  Whatever happens I will always try to remember and focus on keeping God the center of it all.  I cannot wait to see what he is going to do with this band!