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tears for juliet


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community center - 7:00pm, $2

2.27 - Grand Haven Community Center, Grand Haven, MI w/Mike Morgan, Randy McClain, and Session; $2
(Grand Haven Community Center - 421 Columbus St., Grand Haven, MI - next to the Loutit Library)
Mike Morgan previously led worship at our church's youth group and we've had the privelege of knowing him and playing with him.  He is now the worship leader at Watermark Church in Grand Haven.  His recent CD release "a dream." will be sold at the concert and we're looking forward to playing with him and our good friend and idol, Randy McClain.  Randy has recorded 2 CDs over the past few years and is signed with Fall Records (based in Grand Haven).  To be honest, we don't know who Session is, but they seem cool, so we're excited to play with them too.
We played 4 songs tonight and it was so cool to play with these other bands.  They were all awesome and yes, Session was cool (we now know who they are).  Thanks to all who came and tell Ryan to get strap locks like me.  See ya.