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tears for juliet


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fusion fall retreat

11.14-16.03 - Camp Geneva, Holland, MI

We had the privelage this past weekend of leading worship at our church's middle school youth ministry's (Fusion's) fall retreat.  A couple middle schoolers helped us out in the Saturday sessions (thanks, guys) but it was a great bonding time for the band.  We really were challenged and encouraged by the speaker at the camp (Benji Zimmerman) who talked about God's plans for you and the ways that he wants to change you into the person he's made you to be.  The worship times were great and God really revealed Himself to us as we led.  It was so cool to be able to do this as a band and of course to have time to jam and play our own stuff.
There was also a "footwashing ceremony" taken from the time in the Bible when Jesus washes the feet of His disciples as an act of serving.  It was a good time to reflect on our band's journey as a group and individually (this retreat was the anniversary of the founding of our band - we decided to start the band at the Fusion retreat last year) and it was a great time of encouragement towards each other and other people there.  Thanks to Nate for having us lead worship and a shout out to all MA DAWGS in cabin 2A.