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tears for juliet


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aftermath kick-off

9.6.03 - Berkley Hills Wesleyan Church, Grand Rapids, MI

OUR FIRST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was so much fun and we played in a really small room.  I loved the atmosphere and we had around 40 people show up from their youth group and our own combined.  I think we really learned a lot as a band that night on the importance of stage prescence, that fact that everyone wasn't going to love our stuff, and that we just needed to have fun, be ourselves, and play our music.  Thanks to everyone who was there!!
-Joel Yoshonis
This show was friggin' sweet!  It was good to see so many of our groupies (hometown fans) make it out to Grand Rapids for the show.  Especially Colin Boyd because he is the hottest man alive ; )  The night started off a little slow and we for sure learned to loosen up a little bit when playing...we being Adam and ya guys.  At any rate everyone from Berkley Hills was really great to us and I sincerely want to thank Kyle for letting rock it at his youth group.  Thanks everyone for watching us there and come see us again soon.
-Evan Kosters